Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

How is it gonna be?

Hello world :)

Yes, finally got the time to actually blog. Sorry people. It has been really busy for the past few weeks. Not to mention, new phase are coming up. Next week is gonna be hectic.

By the way, I'm back at home sweet home now. Came back straight from work and no, I dont have any off day tomorrow. :( Work has been really hectic till I had basically no time for myself. Not to mention, I need to go shopping. But I don't want to spend as well. :(

Oh well, maybe its time for you to see how ugly I turn already. This is the latest pictures of myself that I took it using brother's laptop.
Yes, I tied my hair up these days. My fringe is very long and bloody annoying now. =/
Seeeee! So annoying.

Yes, I know I look ugly when i tied up my hair.
This is how I look these days with my hair tied up.

As for these days, I'm a good girl. Right after work, I went home straight. I'm a good good good girl. :D I haven't been drinking for quite some time already. I think it's already two weeks. LOL.

By the way, I do have pictures to show. Just not at my brother's laptop. Will really do a proper blog post soon. :) After I'm not so busy which I dont know when.

Oh by the way, I shall end this post with this two pictures of me and the lovely babygirl. :)

She is ♥

Seriously, everything is nothing but a dream.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just hope you know.

Today has been a fucked up day for me. I got no idea why am I feeling this shit now. I'm having mixed feelings about everything around me. I'm confused. Yes, I'm choosing blogging to tell my feelings out. Bare with me if you don't understand.

I always try and try to be the best myself could be but hey, no one is perfect. Up to this point now, I don't know if i'm doing the right thing. But I can't just call it a quit like this. I can't stop now. I need to go on. I need to move forward instead of stopping at the moment to think. I use too much time to think. I just have to stop thinking. Get myself away from distraction and do what I can do the best.

I need a gateway. I feel like I need to runaway from the reality now. Yes, just for a while. I need to be at somewhere alone. Somewhere with no one and I can think nicely. I just need to find a place to think about what's going on. Some place where I can ease my mind. Its hard to stay around. For now, I just need to get away. Just for a moment, please?
But then again, I can't just leave now and put everything behind. I have to just get back up and continue moving till the end. I know I can't leave now. If i leave now, everyone will be dissapointed on my action. I need to grow up already and I'm trying to do what I can do.

At the end of the day, once I done everything I could, I hope someone could say to me "Yes I know you did your very best and I'm proud of you." Sometimes, it just a statement, for me it gives me happiness. It gives me confidence to continue on. I dont need people to scold me and keep telling me whats the best. I just need a word of confidence that you believe in me. I just hope you do.

I'm hoping for the best now. Just the best and that's about it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In case you realize.

Hi world. :)

Just a random update from me since I'm working now and I'm bored. No pictures cause it isn't my computer. Belongs to the company. Yes, I sedang snaking now :P

I know how much I use to be a hardworking blogger. Now, I'm just a very very lazy blogger. Yes. Superb lazy. =/ I abandon my blog too much. I think I regretted deleting the 357 posts previously cause now I want to see back my archives, its all gone. :( Then again, I realize I guess it good that I actually deleted all of it. Some of those memories, I don't even want to think back.

I've been MIA most of the time these days. I think people don't even remember me anymore. You could see it from my blog. It so dead already. I don't really know what happen in the outside world anymore. Its like i'm living my own little, very very little world. Like seriously, no joke. Oh well. Guess it's consider a good change for me which i'm happy about.

I remember when I blog I always blog about my emotions and my life. Now I don't even bother to do so. It comes to a point where I dont know where to put my feelings to anymore. Don't know where to express myself anymore. Words use to be one of my express tool but now, I dont know where I could tell out anymore. Really. I don't know. Probably I changed to a new me already. It hurts sometimes. Everything I'm not happy about or sad about I just kept inside. I think I'll go crazy sometimes. Seriously. Onefuckingday. =/

Even now, I don't know what the hell am I writting. You guys could ignore this post. I haven't had a good sleep since last night. Ohhh wait, I DID NOT SLEEP AT ALL + a private event early the next morning. Thank god, I get to leave earlier later. Not to forget, I got family dinner later. Nicely done, Picky, NICELY DONEEE.

Alright, I better run. Oh by the way, Happy Lantern Festival.

P/S : Will blog about the lantern festival with the family soon :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It was never real.

Sometimes all we need is just a reality check.
We can't just keep living in a dream that doesn't exist.
We have to stop lying to ourselves.
We have to start telling ourselves that there is no such thing as fairytale.
There isn't any happy ever after.
Yes, this is a fucking reality.
Wake up.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just shoot me down.

Hello world. ;) Its been a months or maybe more than that since I last updated my blog. Yes, I've been very very very busy =/ Please forgive me, readers. If there is still any left.

I lost my blogging mojo already but if I close it, I think I will feel sad. I dont know even know how to blog already. I think my layout is boring. I will change it soon. Bare with me. Yes, I will try to blog more often too.

Anyways, here is a few recent facts you should know about me :

1. I got my blackberry already :D Yes, a white one. Like finally. If you are wondering why would a blackberry noob get a blackberry thats because I think iphone is overrated. And its not that hard to get use to blackberry once you play it with it everyday.

2. Been having alot, i mean ALOT of drinking sessions with my girls :) Yes love em'.

3. I still work like a bitch everyday. Nothing change. I even work during the holidays. Yes, I am this saddd.

4. I would stay at home everyday. Once I go out, I'm out drinking. Just drinking.

5. I need alcohol to put me to sleep every night. Don't ask why. I don't even know the reason myself.

6. I have been going shopping a lot lately. Yes, I'm broke.

7. I love my life. ;)

This is the only things I can think of that happen to me recently. And I realize that my chatbox and comments column is being spam. Wtf? -.-

Okay people. I shall update more. SOON. I promise ;) Oh btw, I have twitter now. If you want to stalk me, please follow me at

Things are good now,
I don't need you at all.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You tell me, what is next?

It was cheong k session with Andy and Manda the other day. I guess we all had fun ;) Uncle is really good in singing. HAHAHA. Manda has a great voice. Oh, nice meeting you, girl. Sorry about the ciggratte thing the other day! =/

And then some random photos with Jacqueline dear. We've been camwhoring a lot cause we haven't been camwhoring for a while already ;)

And a picture of myself before I end this post. Yes a short update just to tell people i'm a hardworking blogger :P

I thought I could handle it.
But I was wrong.
I need you to hold my hands side by side with me.
I just can't do it alone.
I need you, boy.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Twenty. ♥

So yeah. Hello people. ;) I'm here to update a bit. And yes about my birthday ;)

I had an awesome birthday celebration these years compare to the past few years. The past few years were basically DISASTERS. The closed one should know why ;)

Anyways. My twenty birthday was full of surprises done by the lovelies ;) They were amazing. :D First it was dinner at Chillies, Empire.

It was suppose to be me and Jac only. That what i was thinking at first. But when i reach Chillies..
This two woman appears! Yes they shocked me. And they were actually hiding inside Jac's car without me knowing it. Nice one la people. LOL.

After dinner we head down to Quottro, since Jing has been bugging me to go since the past two days. and he said to celebrate Ck "birthday".

When I reach there, I saw a lot of familiar faces. It turns out that it was suppose to be my birthday celebration. Yes I'm surprise with a all these bunch of people appearing. You people really shock me again! =/

The girl who said want to tui me. End up she down first. LOL.

If you asking whether the birthday girl down or not, yes she did. NOT TOO DOWN. At least I can still walk. Maybe not straight. BUT STILL CAN WALK :D LOL.

The night before my birthday, Jac asked me out and said she is sad cause argued with the boyf. So yeah teman-ed her. She went off to toilet then suddenly Yi-vonne and Jing came in a cake on their hand.
Thank you dear! For everything. :)
Yes, this is exactly how I end my 20th birthday :)

Thank you dearies for everything. I love the surprises you guys made for me! I love all of youuuu! :D You guys make my twenty birthday full of surprises! ♥